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October 11, 2019

Integrity Energy Services, LLC continues its expansion into the nitrogen services market

Houston – October 11, 2019 – OFS Energy Fund (“OFS”) is pleased to announce that Integrity Energy Services, LLC (“Integrity”or the “Company”), a Fund III portfolio company, completed the acquisition of Vanguard Energy Services LLC (“Vanguard”) onSeptember 4, 2019. Vanguard offers nitrogen pumping and delivery services to the upstream, midstream, and downstream

energy markets and will provide Integrity with additional assets, customers and management expertise to continue its growth in the nitrogen services market.
Integrity, based in Houston, Texas, provides specialty pumping services as well as flowback services to the energy industry.The Company is comprised of three distinct divisions including: (1) nitrogen services, (2) pressure pumping services, and (3)flowback services. The operations are primarily focused in west Texas, but extend to other parts of Texas as well as Louisiana.
Integrity was formed in July 2016 as a wholly‐owned subsidiary of Conquest Completions Services, LLC (“Conquest”).Conquest was a portfolio company of OFS that was sold in July of 2017, and in conjunction with the sale Integrity was spun offfrom Conquest into a standalone entity and a new platform company for OFS. Prior to the close of Vanguard, Integrity completed three additional acquisitions: (1) asset purchase of Stellar Nitrogen & Pumping Services, LLC in Q1 of 2017, (2) assetpurchase of CETO Energy Services LLC in Q3 of 2017, and (3) asset purchase of PADCO Pressure Control, LLC/PADCO Energy Services, LLC out of bankruptcy in Q3 of 2018.
“OFS Energy Fund is excited to further support Integrity’s growth,” said Bruce Ross, OFS Managing Partner. “Integrity is positioned to continue its growth in the nitrogen services market and build relationships across all upstream to downstream markets.”
“The acquisition of Vanguard provides Integrity with additional assets and management breadth at a time when the Company is further expanding its foothold into the downstream market,” said Robert Whilden, OFS Managing Director. “Over the course of the past twelve months, Integrity has completed several large LNG projects, which has provided Integrity with a
solid market presence in the downstream market.”
About OFS Energy Fund
Houston‐based OFS Energy Fund is a private equity firm that specializes in acquiring and recapitalizing lower middle‐market energy service companies. OFS seeks to provide capital to business owners in the form of buyouts, recapitalizations, and growth equity investments. The Fund supports the development of management, appropriate governance, professionalization
of reporting, and tracking of operating metrics to support successful geographic and operational expansion. OFS currently has in excess of $300.0 million of committed private equity capital under management across Fund II and Fund III. For more information please visit www.ofsfund.com.
About Integrity Energy Services, LLC
Integrity Energy Services, LLC is a nitrogen, pump down, and flowback services provider to the oilfield services industry. Integrity provides its services to the upstream, midstream, and downstream markets in west Texas, south Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. For more information please visit www.integrityenergyservices.com.

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