OFS Energy Fund Investment Criteria

We seek to partner with companies that possess the following characteristics:

  • Provides products or services across the energy industry (upstream, midstream and downstream)
  • Strong market position with the potential to be a market leader
  • Meaningful value proposition evidenced by strong margins
  • Longstanding, loyal customer relationships
  • Demonstrated history of growth in revenue and profitability
  • Motivated management team members of high integrity and equity participation
  • Identifiable exit strategy



  • Revenue: $5 million - $100 million
  • Profitability: $1 million - $20 million in EBITDA
  • Structure: Buyout, Recapitalization, Growth Equity (including minority positions) and Special Situations
  • Leverage: Moderate use of debt financing
  • Ownership: Private, but may hold Public securities as well
  • Investment Horizon: 2-7 years