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August 11, 2014

Terra Oilfield Services, LLC Acquires Solids Control and Mobile Water Recycling Equipment

Houston, Texas – August 11, 2014 - Terra Oilfield Services, LLC (“TOFS”) is pleased to announce that it recently closed on two strategic acquisitions which will expand its solutions offering into mobile water treatment and recycling and into solids control and backyard management.

In June, TerraOFS acquired a fleet of solids control equipment, including approximately 62 centrifuges and ancillary equipment, including dryers, shakers, and dewatering systems, as well as various rental equipment, including pressure washers and auger tanks.  To facilitate the transaction, TerraOFS created a subsidiary, Terra Oilfield Solutions, LLC (“TSOL”), which offers solids control and drilling waste management services.  TSOL plans to expand on the seller’s geographic operational presence, which includes South Texas, West Texas, Mid Continent, North East, and Gulf Coast.

“We are pleased to add drilling environmental solutions to our services offering,” said Terra CEO James Wingo.  “We not only acquired a large fleet of closed loop systems but also an outstanding group of operationally focused managers and field personnel.” 
In August, TerraOFS acquired a suite of mobile water recycling equipment.  This equipment includes a 3k bbl per day treatment system, test trailer as well as storage and settling tanks.  The equipment is designed to be mobile and simplify the treatment process for the E&P operators.  The success of this unit has led to additional funding within the water recycling division.

“We are also pleased to add mobile water recycling to our growing service offering,” said Wingo, TerraOFS CEO.  “Water is heavy and expensive to move and the trends towards more water used in fracs and fewer fresh water resources will make mobile treatment the favored solution over time.  We now have experts in both treating and transfer which will be the preferred mechanisms for water handling over the next few years with trucking becoming a last resort.”

About Terra Oilfield Services
TOFS provides critical water transfer, treatment and fluids management services to the oil and gas industry primarily during the drilling and completion phases.  TOFS is headquartered in Conroe, Texas and has operations across Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio and North Dakota. For more information, please visit www.terraofs.com.

About Terra Oilfield Solutions
TSOL provides critical drilling waste management, solids control and backyard management services to the oil and gas industry primarily for drilling applications.  TSOL has corporate offices in Conroe, Texas and Lafayette, Louisiana and has operations across all of the major US shale plays and offshore Gulf of Mexico. For more information, please visit www.terrasoln.com.
If you would like more information, contact Debra Besch, HR Director at (281) 288-5600 or debra.besch@terraofs.com.

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